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    September 25, 2010
    11:30 - 12:05am EDT  

pets were killed and two people suffered minor injuries, but everybody made it out. >> we will get back to normal. >> the sedation drive for victims of the fire will continue to mar -- the donation drive for victims of the fire will continue tomorrow. cynne simpson, abc 7 news. a fire this evening at quantico marine base. the building that caught fire houses the fbi training academy. a spokesman said the electrical fire started in the basement and produce heavy smoke that damage the building. the fire was put out quickly. nobody was hurt. it is not clear how long the academy will remain closed. developing stories, a teenager was transported to hospital by helicopter after being struck in centreville. the teenager was running in the roadway near the intersection of pleasant valley road and smith haven place when he was hit. his condition is not known. the driver stayed at the scene. it silver spring police are
searching for a hit and run driver that struck a woman in the 8700 block of carroll avenue by a sedan. the woman was dragged about 30 feet, then somehow became lodged underneath a different car. the woman's condition is very critical. a developing story in southeast washington. minutes ago, d.c. police told abc 7 news that a person of interest in connection to the fatal shooting of a man right outside of a high-rise on southern avenue. john gonzalez reports the apartment complex was put on lockdown. >> the victim died hours after he was transported to a local hospital. the police are trying to figure out if he knew his attacker. southern avenue was closed for several hours, and hundreds of residents suddenly were directly involved with the city's latest homicide. >> he ran in the building?
>> confused residents, heavy police manpower, and a number of showcasing strewn on the streets. i when >> to the store, came back out. -- >> i went to the store, came back out. they want me in the building. this is ridiculous. >> this southeast d.c. high-rise which suffered a shooting a couple days ago was on lockdown most of the night. >> he said no one could go into the building in case somebody might get shot. he inferred the shooter may still be inside. >> this started at 3:00 in the afternoon. a man was shot on a busy section of southern avenue. the police believe the gunman fled into the apartment building. with him apparently hiding out for a number of hours, residents were not able to go in or out of their homes. >> this is ridiculous. >> with authorities worry that the situation could turn into a hostage or barricade ordeal, they carefully searched for the armed suspect by floor.
>> you cannot be safe. >> this woman was trying to get to her daughter, who was inside. am i came to get my daughter. i cannot get in. this is not the first, probably won't be the last. >> the police are not identifying the victim. on top of the systematic search, they also interviewed several witnesses. they're fairly confident that the gunman is no longer in the building. john gonzalez, abc 7 news. the police have a person of interest in custody. no word if that person is the gunmen. the results of a new poll on health-care may surprise you. many americans believe that president obama's reform did not go far enough. about four in 10 adults say the overhaul should have done more. at of numbers the number of people who think government
should stay out of health care. getting around town will be a challenge the rest of the weekend because there is a lot of roadwork, closures, and metro delays. caroline lyders tells you. >> dreams of relaxing weekend around town were dashed thanks to the construction delays. >> the traffic is horrible. >> this seems to be problems at every turn. some commuters are asking if it is worth it. >> i don't want to come in if i don't have to. >> lanes closed in each direction on the frederick douglass bridge all weekend. inbound reps closed from i 662 e street over not -- overnight. in major backups on new york avenue at the ninth street bridge all weekend long. >> then they have the speed cameras after the construction. as soon as you think you are going somewhere, the speed
camera gives you a ticket. >> sections of the orange, blue, yellow, and green lines on the metro are down to one track. >> i have never seen something being repaired as long as they have been repairing the metro tracks without it getting fixed. >> alex remington has plenty of time to contemplate. am i am going to the baseball game. hopefully i will get there before it is over. >> caroline lyders, abc 7 news. there was mystery, romance, even adventure on the national mall. hundreds of people turned out for the 10th annual national book festival. the library of congress sponsored the event. more than 70 authors and illustrators manned different stations. alison starling was there to it and see the presentation. >> it was a very warm day. the d.c. area matched a heat
record. steve rudin as live in the weather center to explain. >> very hot day across the mid- atlantic. we look for the temperatures to cool down it during tomorrow. at this hour, from the belfort furniture weather center, 76 fairfax, 75 leesburg. the cooler air is on the way, the headlines today show the temperatures, 67th day at 90 degrees or better at reagan national, 93 degrees. we broke the record at dulles airport, and finally much-needed rain on the way. we could be looking at 1, 2 inches of rain for the start of the upcoming work week. how about the rest of the week? the forecast in much more detail. >> we could use the rain. thank you. coming up, caught on tape, a cop accused of faking an arrest because a teenager had sex with his stepdaughter. a man accused of killing a university student after being
denied access at a party. and it is called -- and what these people were doing at
the police are investigating a stabbing that happened in silver spring. happened around 8:00. investigators say robbery was apparently the motive. no word on the condition of the victim or whether the suspect was caught. a fight led to a triple shooting outside of a party in prince george's county. the shooting happened saturday morning on livingston terrace in oxon hill. the gunmen shot a woman and two men. their injuries are considering a -- are considered non life- threatening. new jersey police are looking for a man who killed a student after being turned away from a party. the person died, four people were wounded but are expected to be ok. the police say the gunmen tried
to crash a private off-campus party but was denied access. he later returned with a gun and started shooting. a california police officer is being accused of staging a fake arrest of a 15-year-old after finding out the teenager had sex with his 14-year-old stepdaughter, and it was all caught on tape. >> the officer claims he and the boy's parents agreed to stage the scared straight moment. the boy's parents deny the claim. the officer is being investigated by the san jose police department. another controversy over deal has surfaced feet cheering delaware senate candidate christine o'donnell.
the gop politician weighs in on the controversial topic of evolution. >> evolution is a myth. even darwin himself -- >> evolution is a myth? have you ever looked like a monkey -- have you ever looked at a monkey? >> she made the comment back in 1998. o'donnell is not talking to the national media anymore. she told fax news -- fox news that many of the statements on the show did not reflect her current opinions. a prescription drug take back day, an unprecedented event netting thousands of pounds of pill. the washington division partnered with local law enforcement. >> at local police and fire stations, residents dropped off piles of pills. >> we will take care of them. they won't get into the wrong hands. >> many of these have expired.
>> 10 years. quite outdated. it could get rid of them. >> it was a unique program. no cost, no questions asked. in every location, there was a clear police presence. >> we had several people tell us they were dropping off oxycontin or oxycodone. >> the dea will separate the drugs following federal environmental standards. -- the dea will incinerate the drugs. >> it is difficult to get rid of all unused prescriptions. that organizers hope this will reduce prescription drug theft and abuse, especially among children and teenagers. >> studies have shown a lot of the abuse of prescription medication is taken from home medicine cabinets. >> experts say there is also increased crime rates, overdose deaths, an emergency room visits. there is also concerned about
the environment impact. >> you hear about traces of drugs in the potomac river. >> as people flushed pills down the toilet, that affects the chesapeake bay watershed. >> you are creating the potential for serious degradation. >> up to since the day -- participants say it also helps the environment and make space in their medicine cabinets. issues that affect women was the subject of a conference in arlington. hundreds attended the annual conference. maureen bunyan delivered the keynote address and told participants she wants women to carve out their own identity and stand up. people with strong muscles and lots of desire participated in the dulles airplane pulled.
each team consisted of 25 members working as one. they had to pull the aircraft 12 feet in the fastest time. proceeds will benefit special olympics in virginia. i was the master of ceremonies at that event. it was wonderful. beautiful day for that. >> did you take a pull. >> i did not. >> today, record-breaking at dulles international, 93 degrees. the old record was 92. we broke other records. pennsylvania avenue, the wind picking up, changing directions as the cooler, drier air falls into the mid-atlantic. definitely a change on the way tomorrow. " temperatures, ah, finally. 74 degrees in the district, high of 93. mclean, va., 70, high of 95.
not a lot of relief at the beach. rehoboth, 90 degrees, 73 degrees currently. it feels like 78. reagan national made it up to 93. the record was 95. normally, the temperature around 76. this was the 67th day of 90- degree days or better. definitely a record that will probably be broken next month. the old record, 1980, 67 days of 90 degrees. this does not happen very often. the cooler, drier air off to the north and west, mid-50s and pittsburgh, state college, elkins, west virginia. 76 degrees in richmond. the frontal system has stalled just to the south and west. cooler air to the north, 48 minneapolis, upper peninsula of michigan, are you ready, they
are under a freeze warning tonight. definitely colder air coming in. this system out to the west and across the tennessee valley, this will affect our weather late tonight into monday and tuesday. temperatures in the upper 70's by tuesday and wednesday. the amount of rain, quite a bit on the way. the satellite radar, of los and dry, clouds coming in from the west. low pressure from the north and east. showers developed late in the day tomorrow. heavier rain by monday and tuesday. just how much? possibly one, 2 inches across the immediate metro. the shenandoah valley, 2-3 inches. we need the rain, but we don't need the severe weather. the best chance of severe weather will be monday night into tuesday. a partly cloudy and cool overnight, temperatures in the 50's. the wind out of the north. tomorrow, nice, in the 60's.
the clout to rapidly increase, 68-73. it the extended outlook, daytime high temperatures cool into the 70's, low 70's on monday. and tuesday around 80 degrees. wednesday and thursday, back to the middle, upper 70's. we need the rain, and we could get a lot of it. >> thank you. up next, rocking your way for a good cause. building wind farms and expanding clean energy manufacturing. but in america, gridlock has held us back. now, the senate can change that - by passing a
renewable electricity standard. it will spur development of clean energy and boost manufacturing in america, creating hundreds of thousands of new jobs. so we can make our own energy future - not just buy it from china. call your senators and urge them to pass a renewable electricity standard today.
the contrast of infinite black. the clarity of fast-switching phospors. the smoothness of 600 hertz. all come together to create what cnet calls one of the best 2d tvs they've ever tested. the viera full hd 3d tv from panasonic. today, a group of nuns held a unique fundraiser. at the little sisters of the port of a fundraiser to pay off a woman's student loans so she could become a nun. is currently not able to join the content because they are not allowed to have any debt.
-- she is currently not able to join the convent because they're not to havnot allowed to have ay debt. albert haynesworth talked at length tonight and explain why he did not show up for any off- season workouts.
the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local
toyota dealers -- moving you forward. albert haynesworth has become known to be unpredictable, a man of few words this season in public. well, he surprised all of us tonight when he sat down for an extensive interview on a tv show on 106.7, the fan. this is what he had to say about taking the money from the team and not showing up for off- season practices for workouts. >> just because somebody pays you money doesn't mean they can make you do whatever they want or whatever, you know? does that mean everything is for sale? i am not for sale. yes, i am under contract and paid a lot of money, but that doesn't mean i am for sale or a slave or whatever, you know? >> albert says he will play
tomorrow. redskins taking on the rams at 4:00. maryland showed up in a big way. tough matchup with florida international. at second quarter, maryland down. o'brien got the start at quarterback. he stays in bounds, touchdown, maryland. later in the half, back to punt, tony logan at the maryland 15. brinks the tackle. spots the opening, he is gone, 85 yards to the end zone. f.i.u. ties. time running out, scott it's the handoff, boom, of the middle, and he keeps running, 56 yards, touchdown. maryland on top. at second half, tied at 21-21, o'brien back to work. way downfield, torrey smith is open. he runs the rest of the way.
the terps up 28-21. f.i.u. kept hanging around, until this. it is up the middle, left, nobody catches him. 76 yards, touched and, the maryland terps win. virginia tech, taking on boston college. the eagles' quarterback back to pass, intercepted. the hokies marks the ball right down the field. evans, 3 yards out. he is in. it 7-0, virginia tech. they win. virginia it in action, taking on vmi. horn takes the kickoff, he is gone. it 87 yards. third quarter, virginia and control. jerry green, yes, the son of
redskins a great darrell green. the 15-yard touchdown. couple other local scores, catholic loses today, georgetown wins, beating holy cross, and howard loses to more than state. the nationals-braves, 2-0 braves. alex gonzales it's all of that. the braves beat the nationals, 5-0. the capitals to ending up, they are looking shark. in nashville, they beat the predator's, 2-1. hey, ove, i'm gonna need a bank. any ideas? capital one bank. they're everywhere. ♪ yeah, you're right!
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doubled the number of charter schools... and we've frozen college tuition for four years in a row. and it's working. experts say we now have the number one schools in the nation. when it comes to expanding opportunity in every neighborhood, i know that we must do even better. we are getting much-needed rain? >> yes, 24 hours to arrive. best chance of rain tomorrow
south and west of d.c., heavier rain possible severe storms on monday and tuesday. thank you for being with
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captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- the moment of truth may have come for u.s. forces in afghanistan. a major new offensive is under way to push the taliban out of an area that have virtually controlled route their existence kevin. bradley has this story. >> we are about to make history. this is a big surge and we will fight with valor and tremendous bravery. >> under cover of darkness, in the early morning, a massive and powerful force of 8000 troops launched operation dragon strike. >> go, go, go! >> 3 simultaneous attacks.
the call at -- it is a taliban stronghold. most of the day was spent finding and destroying weapon caches. as for the taliban, they are nowhere to be found. knowing they were coming, they wisely fled to stand and fight another day. combat engineers use plastic explosives to destroy bomb making facilities and clear improvised explosive devices for the advancing troops. the green zone it is the gateway to afghanistan's second-largest city. for years, going back to the soviet occupation, the taliban has used it as their own personal highway for moving troops and weapons and smuggling drugs. the region was also a safe haven for the taliban, home to many taliban hotels. the taliban wanted to hold this area. for now, they are gone. now it is the mission

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